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Born to Win White EGOAs we all know, or at least long time breeders know, there is no perfect dog:) But we really try to do our best and fullfill our future puppy owners expectations. And every time when a person wants a puppy we try to select the best one for it's expectations. So, even there is no perfect dog, there is always the perfect dog for an owner. That is what we are up to and here are some of the testimonials from our puppy owners and from our friends breeders.

Anne Mattola & Incredible 28.12.08 Finland
tässä nyt yksi kuva sinulle. meillä menee tosi hyvin. "veera" on iloinen ja ihana koira.
olen tosi onnellinen että hain sinulta koiran.
laitan lisää kuvia kun saan aikaisiksi.
terv.anne  ja incredible 

Maria Renovice with Iceman & Invincible 15.12.08 Serbia

i do not think that you know what puppy have you send me but he was acting like speede gonyales he eated my pens and my shoes and he was playing with ball all evening
both are beautiful with very good characters. And we are very happy because long time ago we did not see this type of character in so small babys

Silja Kirt ja Faith 17.06.08 Estonia
Pai kõikidele valgetele tähtsatele tegelastele! Saadan Faithist paar pilti. Ta on endiselt väga arukas ja samas ka igavene kelm...  Parim koer meile.
tervitades silja

Jan Plagemann & Genius 15.03.08 Germany
I am so glad every day more about Genius. She is a so wonderful little girl.
Best regards

Anna-Liisa & Fortune 08.01.08 Finland
Hi Monika,
I think we have decided to call Fortune Kiara, according to the lion 
in the movie Lion King - she is a fighter, too :) She loves wrestling 
and pulling a toy etc.  I am very pleased with her character. Kiara is 
here at the office with me again, and we just had a little game. I 
rolled a ball across the 70 square meter office floor, she fetched it 
and brought it back to me, every time, and in the end I let her keep 
the ball as a reward. Amazing! Everyone has fallen in love with her 

I will try to send you some pictures soon.


Natalia ja Edelweiss 17.12.07 Eesti

Tänud Edelweissi nime legendi eest mis on väga huvitav :))

Olen väga õnnelik, et Edelweiss mu ellu tuli ja tänud sulle, kes sa 
oled seda kõike võimaldanud.
Edelweiss kasvab iga päevaga ja muutub üha koeralikumaks :))
Arvatavasti tuleme laupäeval linna ja tahaks teilegi jõuda.

Parimat soovides.

Tanja, Christian and Eminem 17.12.07 Germany
Hi Monika & Lauri,
Thanks so much for bringing us this little gem, we are so totally happy with this little boy and he is so cool and clever, very impressive. Hope you have a very safe trip home and some great time wih your friends back home and on the way. And I hope Lauri is happy with his new coffee machine :-)
Talk to you soon

Werner, Mathilda, Mike & Excellence 02.12.07 08:35 SPAIN
Dear Monika and family,

We would like to thank you for letting us have ZARA. (Born to Win White Excellence) She is beautiful and spicy. She moves very nice. We love her already. Thank you all for the good care of our son Mike when he came over to Estonia to pick up our "Baltic Princes". He liked Tallinn very much. We will keep you informed about her developments, and of the wonderful life she will have here with us in sunny Spain.

Fantastic and informative web site you have.

Greetings and gratitude from us all:

Mathilda, Werner and Mike.
Kennel " Conquistadores del Azahar"
Alcossebre - Spain

That litte ZARA is a hand full. The first night everything was ok. The 3 nights after she yelled and screamed to get out of her bench. The last two nights she is quiet, and setteld down. VERY STRONG CHARACTER this lady!
She climbs into the bowls of the other dogs, she wants my ice cubs with Cola Light, she steals my shoes and slippers. Wakes me at seven o´clock because she has to pee.
It is like having a baby again.
But she is great!
Write on your page that we are extremely happy with ZARA. She is more than we hoped for. The quality of this litle princess is already visible. When we go to Stockholm, we will take her with us.


Kai Kattai 25.08.07 20:59 Estonia
Te olete päriselus veel toredamad kui oma veebilehel, mis on loomulikult ka väga hea:)
Palju õnne Heraklesele tänase puhul ja aina paremaid tulemusi edaspidi.

Jan Plagemann & Dante 26.02.07 11:09 Germany
Hello Monika,
Great to hear from you.
Thank you very much, to the congratulations.
It was the first VDH-Show from our little Dante in  the National Dog-Show in Rheinberg. he become the first place with VV (Viel Versprechend) in the male youngest class.
All people on the show, are falling in love with him.
We are very proud of him.
My little Akira Florentina Princess vom weißen Adel was very good, too.
She was from my litter. i like to breed with her and Dante in the future.
She become in the International FCI Dog-Show in Odense / Dänmark at the 17.02.2007 the first place  with the first prämierung VV 1 ( Viel Versprechend 1 ) in the youngest class.
(Dante was one day to young on the show )
And in the national VDH Dog Show in Rheinberg at the 25.02.2007 she become with VV ( Viel Versprechend )
We are very very pround of our two little babys.
New pictures are coming in the next day´s on my webside´s.
i hope, you have it fine and i can hear from you in the future.
Jan Plagemann
This e-mail address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it

Jan Plagemann 6 Dante 08.01.07 Germany
Hello Monika and family.
Many greetings from Dante and his new family in Germany.
Dante looks so beautiful. He is a wunderful little man.
We wish you and your family the best in the new year.

Pirjo & Robin & Milla 13 oktoober 2006 16:27 | Suomi
Kiitoksia kaikesta ja terveisiä täältä uudesta kodista !!!
T. Milla alias Born to Win White Daylight, Pirjo ja isäpappa Robin

Monika & Beauty 22.05.06 CZ
Thank you very much for your /now my :)/ sweet devil Beauty! It was really very very nice to see you and your husband and your whites! Thank you once more !!! :) M.

Alma Groot 18.12.05 The Netherlands
We are soooo proud at our little Achiever!!!!!! And of you and your other dogs of course. Live on a pink cloud for a while and keep up the big winnings. CONGRATULATIONS!!!!!!!!
Big hug from Holland.

Diana Updike 31.10.05 USA
Congratulations on your new baby boy - Born to Win White Attila.

"Daddy Polo" and I are very proud of your dedication to the betterment of this wonderful breed!